Quality Control starts with the acceptance of incoming supplies of steel bars:

- Chemical analysis test sheet (jominy) provided by the certified . suppliers of steel bars and spot analysis conducted by independent . and certified labs to ensure the consistency of the high quality of steel used.
- Ultrasound test
- Residual magnetism test

Several programmed tests during the production process ensure keeping of tolerances, particularly the hardness measurement in Brinnel/Rockwell, which is carried out on 100% of the tools produced.

Each hammer produced is tested and checked in all his function, including the final operating test, and as each tool, each hammer is marked with a serial production number which is registered together with the inspection results obtained by the Quality Control Dept. throughout the production phases: chemical analysis of the steel used, dimensional measurements, heat treatment process, measured hardness, manufacturing date. The test report is filed for at least 5 years and remains available for later inspections and reference.

The Technical Dept., operating in the main facility, has the know-how and experience to study and develop upon request special tools for particular applications and to provide professional advise to customers regarding the selection of tools for the specific job requirement

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